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What to Wear to a 90s Party- Best 32 Easy Ideas

The 90s had a lot of cool outfits. It used to be tricky getting a 90s outfit, but since these fashions made a comeback, you can get the clothes everywhere. So if you are attending a 90s costume party, here are some ideas.

1. Vintage Leather Jacket

Cafe racer jackets and motorcycle jackets were a must in the 90s. If you were wondering what to wear to a 90s party, buy yourself one.

what to wear to a 90s party

2. 90s Turtleneck Sweater

A turtleneck sweater is also an option if you have a costume party coming up. They were mostly made of wool.

what to wear to a 90s party


3. Baggy Cargo Pants

These were cotton, loose-fitting with six pockets. They are slightly different from modern cargo pants.

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4. 90s Denim Overall

These overalls were a classic back then, and most people still wear them even for day-to-day activities.

what to wear to a 90s party

5. Band Graphic T-Shirt

What to wear to a black 90s party can be a simple t-shirt with band graphics.


6. Colorful Bandana

Get yourself a bright and colorful bandana and show up like rock or hip hop from the 90s.

what to wear to a black 90s party

7. Jean Jacket

An oversized cuffed jean jacket can be what to wear to a 90s party if you can’t think of an outfit.

what to wear to a black 90s party

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what to. wear to a 90s party


8. Crop Tops

Crop tops are not an old trend because they made a comeback recently, and most people embraced them. But they still represent the 90s.

what to wear to a black 90s party

9. Plaid Flannel Shirt

Show up with the oversize flannel shirt as an over-layer. It’s still a cool look to date for most people.


10. Bowling Shirt

If you are a bowling fan, you won't have to look far to find an incredible 90s outfit. Wear one of your bowling shirts.


11. Oversized Shirt

An easy answer for what to wear to a black 90s party is a simple oversized shirt.

what to wear to a 90s party

12. Preppy, Retro Outfit

These were a whole culture in the 90s; it will be an incredible way to show up for the party.


13. Vintage Denim Mini Dress

This is also a solid option that is also easy to pull off.

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what to wear to a 90s party


14. Ripped Jeans

You have probably seen ripped jeans in many 90s photos; why not wear one for the party.

what to wear to a black 90s party

15. High-Waisted Jeans

The high waist jeans were also a classic in the 90s, and they went on for a long time.

what to wear to a 90s party

16. Satin Shirt

Wear a simple satin shirt with nice pants or a skirt


17. Floral Dress

These are pretty outfits, and there are so many modern options available. But go vintage if you want to be authentic.

what to wear to a a 90s party

18. Braided Belt

This belt can make your ordinary outfit feel more 90s.

what to wear to a black 90s party

19. Hip Hop

Even though hip-hop outfits are still a huge trend today, they are considered a 90s classic.

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20. Mini Skirts

Find yourself a miniskirt; it can be modern or vintage, and show up for the 90s party.

what to wear to a black 90s party

21. Low Rise Jeans

You can’t speak of 90s fashion without mentioning these jeans. It’s a great option.


22. Velvet Dress

A velvet will make a nice outfit if you don’t know what to wear to a 90s outfit.

what to wear to a 90s party

23. Chokers

To complete your 90s outfit, find yourself a vintage choker. They used to be a major accessory.

what to wear to a black 90s party

24. Fanny Pack

There is a reason why most people always show up for a 90s party with a fanny pack. It will be a suitable substitute for your ordinary bag.

what to wear to a 90s party

25. 90s Movies Outfit

Pick a classic 90s movie that is known by most people and dress like one of the characters.

what to wear to a 90s party

26. Vests

A vest, t-shirt, and a high waist are a solid look for these parties. You can even add a braided belt.

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27. Spaghetti Strap Dress

This dress can be long, medium, or short, depending on what you like.

what to wear to a black 90s party

28. Chunky-Heeled Clog Sandals

These shoes in the 90s were the epitome of sexy.


29. Carpenter Pants

Carpenter pants were edgy and cool. Both men and women wore it.


30. Starter Jacket

The jacket is a recognizable classic piece of 90s fashion. This will be a statement in your outfit.


31. Pedal Pushers

Pedal pushers were trendy in the 1950s and early 1960s. It can be any design you want.

what to wear to a 90s party

32. PVC Clothing

Plastic clothes were also a tendency in the 90s. They may make you itch, but they are still a solid choice.


These are what to wear to a 90s party. They are thirty-two solid choices you can pull off and make an entrance at the event.