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How to Plan A Best Happy Birthday Party in 6 Easy Steps

If there is one thing we all love and appreciate, it has to be getting surprised on our birthday. If you have a friend who might be having their birthday and you are out of birthday party ideas, you need to think fast. The good thing is, there are so many birthday decorations in the market, and all you need to do is pick the right ones to use. Here are a couple of pointers on how to throw your friend an amazing party.

 21st birthday

Have a theme

Before you get started, ensure you have a theme for the birthday. For instance, you cannot get the right 21st birthday decorations unless you plan ahead of time. The theme will determine the colors you use on the birthday banner and the birthday decorations. It will also, in a way, determine how the cake will be decorated. Find out what your friend loves and who you can incorporate these in the birthday decorations.

 birthday party

Choose a location

Once you have a theme, ensure you choose a location for the party. It would help if you chose places that your friend loves since the day is about them. Another thing you need to look at is the space you will work with. Based on how elaborate your decorations are, you might want a small or big space. Ensure the place can fit all the guests and have room for a couple more.

 Happy birthday party banner

Have a guest list

When planning a party for someone, it is important that you know who they would like on the guest list. Even though you might have friends of your own, ensure you invite people your friend would like at their party. Find out if you have mutual friends and invite them. They might know other people your friend hangs out with and refer them to you. The people you surround yourself with are who will determine whether the party is a success or not.

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 birthday party

Have a menu

There is no great party without food and refreshments. Ensure you take the tie to pan out a menu for the party beforehand and get the food as well. You do not have to make it a buffet, and any finger-sized snacks will do. Ensure you have variety, so people get to choose what they want. In case the party is for nondrinkers, then it helps if you know that as well. Ensure you get something that everyone will drink and eat.

Happy birthday party banner  

Get the decorations

There is not birthday party that is complete without birthday decorations. Ensure you get the right decorations for the party based on the theme you settle on. There are so many decoration shops if you want readymade ones, or you could always settle for custom-made decorations that you and your friends make. It can be a great time to meet up and go or the party details to ensure that the birthday person is surprised and impressed. Handmade decorations will also cost you less, especially if you are on a strict budget.

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Happy Birthday Party Cake

Get a cake

There can be no party without cake. Ensure you get a cake to crown the great day. Get a flavor that many people will love. Fruit cakes are the least favorite cake for parties, while cakes like vanilla and strawberry take the top favorites. Ensure you get a cake that many people will come to love.


Planning a party should not be as hard as many people make it look. All you need is the right theme, location, and decorations. The rest of the details are things you can figure out as you go on. Take your Tim and get everything organized and, where possible, get the help of friends. It will ensure everything moves swiftly.