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30 Cool & Fun Beach Party Ideas for Kids Birthday in 2023

Are you looking for fun and cool beach party ideas for kids? Well, look no further. This blog post gathered the 30 best classic ideas for kids beach party ideas. You may find the perfect beach birthday party ideas for the little one.


1. Beach Bonfire

A beach bonfire is an excellent way to continue the fun into the evening! Start playing some music over the Bluetooth speaker.

2. Rent a Boat

What if you rented a boat and set sail for a birthday cruise through the ocean blue?

3. Water Fight

How about a beachfront water battle? Kids love water fights, and the beach gives you plenty of space (and ammunition) to keep it going all day long.

4. Beach Bike Ride

Many beaches are fantastic locations to ride bikes, not on the sand but along the shore on a route that connects one stretch of shoreline to the next.

5. Pirate Theme

Pirate-themed birthday beach theme parties are popular with kids, matey. Move your pirate beach party ideas from the backyard to the beach if you want to amp them up. Everything will come together for an authentic and salty pirate birthday party.

6. Photo Shoot for the Stars

Beach photos are the best. If you hire a photographer, enlist your photographer buddy, or look over some pro tips for beach photography and take the photos yourself, everyone could go home with great memories and an excellent photo to remind them of your epic beach birthday party ideas.

7. Hawaiian Luau Party

One of the best beach birthday ideas. Set up a tiki bar (or a few lanterns), throw around leis, play Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and prepare some tropical beverages to keep the party going. Making fancy cocktails with miniature umbrellas seems fantastic, but there are more handy things to do on the beach.

8. Beach Party Under the Stars

The beach is completely different at night. The day's experience is hot, bright, and energetic compared to the beach's cool, dark, and serene setting after the sun has set.

9. Relax Hard, Play Hard

The beach is a fantastic location for memorable beach themed birthday parties. Because there are so many different activities and themes available, the beach never gets old.

10. Ice Cream Truck

Kids can appreciate an icy treat to cool them down on a hot summer day. Setting up an ice cream bar and keeping the toppings and other items at a cool enough temperature can take some time. Think about renting an ice cream truck to simplify things and make your party memorable!

11. Sea Creature Jellos

The Sonic ocean water is accessible. This time, you'll prepare individual jello cups for everyone to eat. You may add sea creature gummies before or after the jello cools so that each individual gets a different species to enjoy!

12. Take a Dip

A fun play on words, this food idea does not require much arrangement. You must arrange a bag of chips on a plate and place a bowl of dip in the middle. On a stick, you can put a small sign that says "take a dip" in the dip bowl so that it prompts your guests to grab some chips and dip!

13. Nutter Butter Sandals

Nutter Butter sandals can be fun and quick to eat. You only need a package of Nutter Butters, and you can then use icing to create a flip-flop-inspired design on the cookie.

14. Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

This fun and sweet treat are reminiscent of a seashell you'll find on a beach's shore and is a great dessert!

15. Croissant Crabs

Making classic cake pops in any flavor and decorating them to resemble beach balls is a sweet way to add a beachy touch to popular bite-sized party food. These adorable snacks will surely be a hit at your beach themed birthday party!

16. Sandcastle Competition

Without building a sandcastle, a beach day is meaningless. To make this happen, provide your visitors with all the materials they need to build sand castles. You can make it enjoyable and competitive by awarding a prize for the best sandcastle. Remember to let your guests know about the competition so they can prepare.

17. Bubble Blowing

This game is a lot of fun for youngsters. The only equipment you'll want is a bubble blower or a few bubble bottles. While the other children run and pursue them, adults and children may also blow bubbles!

18. Slithery Snake Game

You'll use a jumping rope to represent the "snake" on some concrete or sand. The children will be instructed to jump over the rope to keep from touching the "snake" while the rope is being moved around on the ground.

19. Hot Beach Ball

The children stand in a circle and play the traditional hot potato game by tossing beach balls to one another. The person with the ball must sit out when the song ends. Whoever is still standing at the end wins!

20. Water Balloon Toss

This is one of the best beach party ideas that would be fun for most children. Fill some water balloons with water before the party starts, and then put them in a bucket or kiddie pool.

21. Note in a Bottle

You may make this party favor idea with your kids, which is reminiscent of washed-up bottles on beach coastlines that can carry messages. Your children can write a pleasant letter and place it in a transparent bottle with a cork on top if they are familiar with all the visitors who will be getting party treats.

22. Inflatable Sprinkler Toy

With a cute inflatable sprinkler toy, your kids can enjoy fun time playing together. Besides, there are plenty of special design of spinkler toy, such as cactus.

23. Beach Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt on the beach is like a wild adventure; your kids must have much fun!

24. Sand Art Bottles

This is not only a fantastic party favor, but you can also include it as a beach party-themed activity in your celebration. Kids may have fun piling their colored sand onto the bottle to make it unique and ready to use when completed.

25. Beach Themed Sunglasses

Whether lounging on their lawns or the beach, everyone needs a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses with a beach theme are amusing, go with your theme, and come in fun shapes and patterns that will amuse your kids and inspire family portraits.

26. Beach Frisbee

This is a fun substitute for the regular frisbee at the beach. If your kid is too small, bring the targets closer. For older children, keep the goals at a distance.

27. Bury a Friend

Kids love the sand! You can not only make sandcastles but also create art around a person.

28. Beach Bath Bomb

An item that guests of all ages may appreciate is a bath bomb, which can promote relaxation. Some bath bombs contain "seaweed," giving you the impression that you are relaxing in a warm sea in your bathtub.

29. The Mermaid-Themed Beach Party

When arranging this party, you may let your creativity go wild with everything from mermaid-themed cakes, sweets, and décor to sea-inspired attire. This theme works well for someone who is organizing a vibrant, enjoyable, and active event.

30. Beach Balloons

For birthday and bachelorette celebrations, beach balloons make wonderful decorations. You may alter them to include odd and humorous remarks or coordinate with your event's color scheme.