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13 Cute Birthday Party Ideas for 2-Year-Old Toddler

If you have a little one about to turn two, it’s time to start planning the perfect party. Whether you want something simple or extravagant, there are many ways to make your little one feel special on their big day.


Here are 12 ideas for your 2-year-old kid's birthday party:

1. Backyard birthday party ideas

You can set up a little picnic area with tables and chairs if you have a backyard. Make sure to include some decorations like balloons or party hats. You can even have a little food on the tables if you want to serve finger foods. You can set up a small table with a cake and ice cream.

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2. Photo booth birthday party ideas

This is a great idea for any child who loves taking pictures and having fun with the camera. Find a photo booth appropriate for your kid’s age and set it up in your backyard or inside the house, like in the living room or dining room.

3. Birthday cake

You can make a kid’s birthday cake yourself or order a cake from a bakery. You can make a simple cake with just a few different colors of frosting and add some sprinkles to your kid's birthday.

4. Small party favors

Two year old birthday themes are usually about toys and clothes. You can include fun little toys for your kid's birthday. For example, you can set up a small table in the backyard and have some small toys or trinkets that your child can keep for themselves at the party. You can even have some toy cars, trucks, or princess figurines on display so your child can take them home.



5. Special party hat

Cute birthday ideas must have a special hat that says “Happy Birthday” or have a picture or design on the hat that your child can keep on their own. Toddler birthday party ideas like this give your child something special to remember the party by.

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6. Bubbles

Your backyard birthday party ideas can include bubbles. You can even do this inside the house if you want to. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then you can look up a bubble machine at your local store and just set it up in the backyard so that your little one gets to blow bubbles all day long while they are having their birthday party.

7. Sweet treat table

Two year old birthday themes will require a sweet treat table. Your child will love to choose their treats, and you can even have their favorite treat on display for them to take home. You can have a big bowl of chocolate chips and all kinds of candy that are kid friendly.

8. Face painting

Cute birthday ideas for toddlers must have face painting. You can use the face paint of your choice or even have a professional face painter come to your child’s party. You can have your child’s face painted with a sweet design or their favorite picture.

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9. Children’s entertainer

Your toddler birthday party ideas are much more fun when there is a children’s entertainer. You can get a children’s entertainer for your party and have them sing, dance, or play games with the children. This will make the party more entertaining for your child, and they will love it.



10. Games

Your kids will have so much fun playing games at a backyard birthday party ideas. You can have a variety of games for your kids to play. You can also set up a game table for your child’s birthday party ideas. You can even have a family-friendly game like bingo or pin the tail on the donkey. This will make your child’s party extra fun.


11. Balloon twister

You can hire someone to make balloon animals for your kid’s birthday. They will love having a balloon animal made for them. It is a great way to make them happy. This will be one of the best birthday party ideas for toddlers.


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12. Bounce house

Two year old birthday themes are always fun. You can hire a bounce house for your toddler birthday party ideas. Your kids will love having a bounce house at their party. They can enjoy playing in it and running around with their friends. This is a fun way to entertain your kid guests while they are having a blast playing outside.


13. Silly string

You should consider having a silly string at their birthday party to entertain your kids. Your kid guests will love messing with it and have much fun doing so. They will be laughing at each other and having a blast! This is such a fun way to entertain your kids during their party.