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100 Kids Birthday Table Decoration Ideas

Coming up with children's themes for birthday parties can be challenging. The good news is that there are tons of ideas just waiting to be explored. To help you develop the perfect idea for birthday table decorations for your child's next birthday party, we've compiled a list and a few helpful tips to get you started.



1. Dog-themed birthday party

2. Cat-themed party

3. Football-themed birthday

4. Hockey-themed party decorations

5. Princess-themed birthday party


6. Bee-themed birthday

7. Dinosaur party

8. Dragon-style birthday party

9. Butterfly-decorated party

10. Bird-themed party decorations

11. Safari-themed party decorations

12. Suprevillain-themed party

13. Loony Tunes-themed party

14. Comic book-inspired birthday party

15. Tom & Jerry-themed party

16. Anime-style party

17. Videogame-themed birthday party

18. Cheese cake-themed party decorations

19. Casino-inspired party

20. Cocomelon party

21. Movie-themed table decorations

22. Shark birthday party

23. Truck-themed birthday

24. Construction site-themed birthday party



25. Monster-themed birthday party

26. Harry Potter birthday party

27. Sponge Bob birthday party

28. Sports car-themed party

29. Superhero-themed party

30. Caveman-themed party

31. Flintstones birthday party

32. Gymnastics birthday party 

33. Baseball-themed decorations

34. Horse riding-themed decorations

35. Farm-themed birthday party

36. Mountain climbing-themed party

37. Jungle-themed decorations

38. North Pole birthday party

39. African savanna-themed party

40. Ancient Rome-themed party

41. Egyptian-style decorations

42. Camping-themed birthday party

43. Martial arts birthday party

44. Mad scientist decorations

45. Pirate-themed birthday banner ideas

46. Magician birthday party decorations

47. Minature golf-themed party decorations

48. Star Wars party

49. Lord of the Rings birthday decorations

50. Dragon Ball-themed birthday party

51. One Piece themed decorations

52. Transformers-themed party

53. Dance-themed party decorations

54. Motorcycle-themed birthday

55. Racecar-themed party decorations

56. Jetski birthday party decorations

57. Dolphin-themed birthday party

58. Elephant-themed birthday party decorations

59. Circus-themed birthday party

60. Fishing-themed birthday party

61. Penguine style birthday party

62. GI Joe-themed birthday decorations

63. Snow White birthday party


64. Tropical-style birthday decorations

65. Renaissance fair-inspired birthday party

66. Medieval Knight birthday banner ideas

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67. Fortnite-themed birthday party decorations

68. Doughnut-themed birthday decorations

69. Valentines Day themed party

70. Cowboy-themed party decorations

71. Thomas the Train party decorations

72. Hunting-themed birthday party

73. Weightlifting birthday table decorations

74. Bowling-style birthday party

75. Dressup-themed birthday party

76. Future-themed birthday party decorations

77. Space alien-themed birthday party

78. Bigfoot-themed party decorations

79. Movie monster-themed birthday party

80. Carnival-themed birthday table decorations

81. Super Mario-themed birthday party decorations

82. Lego-themed birthday decorations

83. TikTok-inspired birthday party

84. Airplane-themed birthday decoration table ideas

85. Hippopatamus-themed party decorations

86. Ninja Turtles party decorations

87. Unicorn-themed birthday decorations

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88. Monster truck birthday table decorations

89. Pokemon birthday party themes

90. K-Pop birthday banner ideas

91. Steampunk-themed birthday decorations

92. Mermaid-themed party

93. Pizza-themed birthday decorations

94. Basketball-themed birthday party

95. Tennis-themed birthday decorations

96. Alice in Wonderland-style birthday party

97. Retro future-style birthday party98. Ancient Greek-themed birthday party

99. Camping-themed party

100. Sonic the Hedgehog-themed birthday decorations

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