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10 Things to Put in Childrens Pinata

If you are looking for an easy way to entertain kids at a birthday party, you should consider getting a pinata. Unfortunately, you may not be sure what to put in pinata and are in need of pinata filler ideas. Because of this, we have put together 10 things to put in pinata that will make all of your guests happy.

1. Plastic Toys

One of the nice things about putting plastic toys in a pinata is that you can easily find toys for any age group. Some pinata ideas for little ones include things like rubber ducks or finger puppets. For older kids, you can put fidget toys or yo-yos inside of the pinata.

2. Toy Cars

For those that are looking for pinata ideas for a party that will be filled with little boys, they can’t go wrong with toy cars. These types of cars are inexpensive, and are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

3. Small Balls

Imagine how much fun it will be for someone to crack open the pinata at your child’s party and a bunch of balls come bouncing out! This is why small balls are a great addition to any pinata. Not only will the kids have fun hitting the pinata, but they will also enjoy chasing the balls all over as well.



4. Drawing Supplies

If you are looking for things to put in pinata that are creative, you should consider putting drawing supplies inside of the pinata. You can include items like pencils, erasers and miniature notebooks.

5. Candy

When many parents are contemplating what to put in pinatas, they often choose candy. This is because most children love candy, and it’s also inexpensive. However, it is important to choose the right candy. Make sure you stay away from chocolate or soft candy that can be crushed easily. You can also make it more fun by mixing it up with smaller candies and ones that are larger sizes.

6. Beaded Necklaces

It’s not uncommon for many people to have a party right around Mardi Gras and wonder what to put in a pinata. Beaded necklaces may be just what they are looking for. Because they can bend and be manipulated fairly easily, you may be able to fit hundreds of beads in your pinata.

7. Snacks

Most children work up an appetite after hitting a pinata for several minutes. Because of this, putting snacks in a pinata may be one of the most practical pinata ideas that you come up with. You can opt for food-related things to put in pinata like bags of chips, pretzels or cookies. Just make sure you don’t put any heavier snacks in the pinata so that they don’t crush the softer ones.


8. Stickers

When it comes time to choose pinata stuff, you may be looking for something that practically every party guest will like and doesn't take up a lot of room. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with different types of stickers. The reason why stickers make a great choice is that you can easily buy quite a few different types of stickers without spending a lot of money on them. This makes them the perfect choice for parties where they will be children of a variety of different ages.

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9. Bubbles

A lot of parents wonder what to fill a pinata with, and they try to find something that can be used to entertain their guests even after they are finished with the pinata. Bubbles will do just that no matter how old the kids are.

10. Glow Stick

If you plan on hosting a party at night but aren't sure what to fill a pinata with, you can’t go wrong with putting glow sticks in a pinata. You can choose everything from traditional glow sticks to ones that your guests can wear as jewelry. Just make sure you don’t inadvertently crack the glow sticks and activate the chemicals inside when putting them into the pinata unless you are filling it right before your guests try to break it open.

As you can see, you have all sorts of options when determining what to fill pinata with. You can either focus on just putting one type of item in there, or you can put a lot of different types of pinata items in it.