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Best of 2022 – Gifts with Imagination


Recommendation from That's Just Jeni


Toys, stuffed animals, dolls, and games. Every one of these helps to enlighten and engage kids. If they have a room full of “blah” toys, then grab them something new, fun, and unique this year.  Then, prepare for imaginations to spark!

  • Stomp Rocket: I love these! No batteries, easy set up, and kids get to be outside & active with them! These help with STEM skills and come in cars, stunt planes, rockets & more. Some glow-in-the-dark, some are made for 2 kids. ALL are super fun!
  • Unstable Unicorn: This fun, strategic card game was one of Kickstarter’s top 100 most backed projects of all time & has sold over a million copies! It’s a great game for multiple players 8 and up, and is SO much fun! Awesome gift for your teens, too!
  • Teeturtle: OMG this adorable reversible mood plushie is SO CUTE! They come in TONS of fun animal characters-  one side is happy and the other is sad. It’s a great way for toddlers to understand feelings, and adults to have a little fun!
  • CMY Cubes: These incredibly beautiful and interactive cubes are like nothing you’ve seen before! They are a colorful sensory toy for kids & adults, made of super high-quality materials. Every time you pick one up, you have a different experience!
  • Star Belly Dream Lites: These adorable, huggable plush night lights are more than you’d expect! Their bellies turn on a night light & project a starry sky onto the ceiling!! They come in 7 different animals & colors and are super soft & snuggly!
  • The Unique Beak: This new colorful & inspiring story for grades 1-2 is by Estani Frizzell. Sai the peacock helps kids to learn about self-esteem and self-reliance with a beautifully illustrated story. I was honestly hooked! Definitely check it out!
  • zigglebee: The beautiful story behind this book will tug at your heart – for sure. A 7-year-old created this book to connect with her twin, who has Jacobsen Syndrome. Children follow the story & illustrate it themselves. Every book purchased donates to research for Jacobsen Syndrome.
  • Taco vs Burrito: Created by a 7-year-old, this is the most gifted card game on Amazon… how cool is that!? It’s a super fun, surprising, strategic & silly game that’s made for just kids, just adults OR your entire family! Awesome gift exchange option here!
  • Bold Made:  This game won the Best Children’s Product Award by Tillywig! It’s a different twist on the traditional Old Maid game that includes bold women that have impacted the world. This is a truly educational game & SO fun!
  • Mollybee Kids: This brand’s goal is to create well-designed, unique, durable toys for kids, inspired by items they saw on a European vacation. I love that! There are super adorable Action & Yoga cards to get kids moving, plus diaries, puzzles & more!
  • Slam Words:  This portable, easy, super fun and challenging game is a GREAT stocking stuffer idea for kids 8 and up!  2 players go back and forth making words out of the letters – so it’s thought-provoking and pretty educational, as well as fun!
  • GLO-UP Girls: These sassy and stunning gals are extra fabulous!  There are 6 to collect, plus other fun accessories and toys in the collection. Change up their look with new hair styles, clothes, accessories and so much more – for kids 6+.
  • Wild Republic: OMG these Monsterkins are SO CUTE! This companies eco-friendly toys honor the animals they are trying to stay on this planet – except these fictional and adorable Monsterkins, of course! They are made from 100% recyclable water bottles, though!
  • Vudeco Life: A glow in the dark blanket? YES! Kids (and adults like me!) will go wild for these super fun, unique & cuddly throw blankets that actually glow in the dark for hours! The unicorn blankets come in three fun colors & patterns great for any kid!
  • Liberation Nails:  Make the littles in your life feel like big kids with Libbi Kids Nails!  This brand new & ADORABLE collection is a vegan, non-toxic nail polish line in four super vibrant colors that kids will absolutely adore! Perfect stocking stuffers!
  • EdxEducation: If it’s educational toys that Santa prefers to drop off for the littles – check out these incredible STEM toys for kids of all ages! The Math Cubes & GeoStix had me wishing I was still little! These toys encourage learning through play. Love that!
  • Geologic: This 1-person, challenging & thought-provoking puzzle game is so much fun! Made for kids 8 and up, you become a planetary architect by creating your own world of a 30-sided planet core. If your kids are science geeks like me – get this!
  • Brio Christmas Steaming Train Set: Now THIS is the gift that keeps on giving! Brio is exceptional quality already, but this inventive little steam train actually steams AND is safe for kids 3+. Plus, it comes with fun accessories like Santa Claus!
  • Ravensburger Star Wars Villainous: Calling all Star Wars fans!  This new Villainous game is dedicated especially for those that embrace the dark side. Choose your villain, control your sector, and fulfill your destiny with this SUPER fun family game!
  • The Rowdy Randy Wild WestShow: This book has some of the coolest illustrations I’ve ever seen in a children’s book! It even teaches kids the survival skills animals have to have in the wild, and helps empower girls – all while telling a really fun story!
  • Happy Little Dinosaurs: OMG! This game is SO fun! It’s 2-4 players & for kids to adults 8+. Try to dodge all of life’s little disasters while tuning out your incredibly rude inner demons.  But think happy thoughts because the dino who survives it all wins the game! 
  • BeeBee & Bongo: As a preschool teacher, I appreciate unique learning toys – and my students absolutely LOVE these Tiny Turtles! These magnificent handmade toys are so clever & fun! Soft, flexible, multiple uses & vibrant colors make them winners!
  • Storytime Toys: These special toys are so much more than meets the eye! Puzzles that build into toys, Buildable playlets with storybooks, and so much more! It’s like unlocking the imagination WITH the imagination, and I can’t get enough of them!