🥳 Amazing Birthday Gift for Kids! 🎉

Back To School Glow In The Dark Blankets

Recommendation from Shabby Chic Boho

I can’t believe summer has flown by and the kids are starting school on Friday. While I’m a wee bit excited to get things back to normal during my day-to-day routine, I do know how tired they get at school, and then after doing their never-ending homework at home.

This year, I’m prepared with glow-in-the-dark gender-neutral blankets for each of the kids to cuddle under while they do their homework, for movie night, and of course at night as they sleep.

With three different colors to choose from, these soft blankets provide hours of comfort after kids have been away at school all day.  They come in (1) starry sky, (2) gray, or (3) rainbow colors, and the different textures are a plus.

This week, I’ve been getting the kids into a back-to-school routine so things will run smoother when Friday comes around.  Of course, these kids have a mind of their own and have added in their own little routine. Every evening after dinner, they put their blankets under their bedroom lights for at least 10 minutes to get them to glow.

The unicorn and star designs are a fun splash of light at night and the kids even want to go to bed earlier just to see them glow.  It’s making their new back-to-school sleep schedule run smoother than in previous years. Score.

The blankets come giftable by being adorned with a beautiful ribbon.  They make great gifts not just for back to school but with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the not-so-distant future, be sure to add them to your gift-giving list.   They make great Birthday gifts for tots, children, and even teens.

Best of all?  These blankets are machine washable and they don’t pile.  If you’re ready to make your own gender-neutral glow-in-the-dark blanket purchase, click on my above link to learn more.

Which design would your child most like?