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5 Gift Ideas For Anyone They Are Sure To Love

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It’s not always easy discovering gift ideas for anyone in your life, but with some research and detailed product reviews, you can make it easy. Doesn’t it seem like there are always special occasions like holidays, birthdays, or events? And with them comes the gifts and wondering what to buy. More importantly, we can make it easy for you with excellent gift guides from us!

Gift Ideas For Anyone Made Easy

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Below, you’ll discover five gift ideas for anyone on your list. We instantly fell in love with them and know you will too. From a cozy glow-in-the-dark blanket to the best hair dryer we ever tried, there’s something for everyone. We carefully test and review products we feature monthly and share the results with you. But, of course, we only share products we love and let you know the pros and cons of them as well.

On a side note, since my husband passed away last November, cooking for myself became a nightmare quickly. So after looking for some delicious yet easy recipes, I want to share this Overstuffed Chicken & Broccoli Quesadillas with you. It not only looks delicious but is easy to make too.

Below, you’ll see detailed images, comprehensive reviews, and product features you need to know before you buy!

1 – CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer

At 19, I fell in love with hair cutting and received my cosmetology license shortly after. For years, I worked in the industry, went through countless hair dryers, and still do. Finally, CHI invented the perfect hair dryer, which is revolutionary. The CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer features ceramic technology made from one of the most effective heat-conducting materials on earth.

Furthermore, the CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is a game changer. This latest technology includes an LCD digital display, magnetic attachments, precise heat and speed settings, and more. Get hotter styles at lower settings with the power of CHI Lava. Once you hold it in your hands, you can see why it sold out quickly. It’s so lightweight and yet powerful.

The design of the attachments is unlike anything out there and transforms my hair into a silky, shiny masterpiece. My hair dries in half the time, and the magnetic attachments make it easy to switch. However, the CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer isn’t cheap. But, it will last for years, and you’ll get what you pay for!

Whether you work in a salon or want perfect hairstyles at home, this dryer changes everything about how you style your hair. The 11 ft. cord gives you the room you need to move around freely, and the reverse cleaning function is revolutionary.


  • LCD Digital Temperature Display
  • 4 Heat Settings and 3 Speed Settings
  • 3 Magnetic Attachments: Diffuser, Precision Concentrator, and Smoothing Nozzle
  • 7 Second Reverse Auto Cleaning Function
  • Cool Shot Button and Cool Air Setting
  • Low Noise at ≤ 80dB• 11 ft. (3.35m) Cord Length
  • Up to 110,000 rpm/min for Powerful Airflow
  • >50 Million Negative Ion Output Technology

However, even though it’s been decades since I worked in a salon, using the CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer, my hair looks like I stepped out of one. So when it comes to gift ideas for anyone on your list, including yourself, this one’s a winner!

2 – Artistscent Candles

While the internet is full of beautiful candles, this Artistscent Berry Crush Candle is by far the best we have ever tested and owned. I know that’s a bold statement, but once you light it, you’ll see why. While the candle itself features a beautiful design, the aroma is magical. It smells like a handful of juicy blackberries picked right off the bush!

Furthermore, the quality of these Artistscent Candles is second to none.

Moreover, this Berry Crush candle will take you to a summer field filled with luscious sweet berries. Fresh notes of orange, peach, and a hint of sugar complete this delectable berry blend.

Flavors: Crushed Berries + Sweet Orange + Sugar Crystals


  • 3.4″D x 4″H, 10.5 oz / 297 g
  • Made in America: All candles and packaging
  • Forever screened onto glass using a proprietary 4-color process—washable and reusable
  • 55+ HOUR BURN
  • Strong scent, lit or not

Once you decorate and light this Artistscent Berry Crush Candle in any room in your home, it will transform it instantly. The scents of a fresh summer day while walking through a berry field will wisp you away. Make sure you include this candle when it comes to gifts for anyone on your list.

3 – Spongelle’s 1st Perfume Collection – Gift Ideas For Anyone They Will Love

Typically, I can be very discerning regarding fragrances and perfumes, but I instantly fell in love with Spongelle’s 1st Perfume Collection. Actually, I want to know what magical formula they used to create such fragrance perfection at affordable prices. So out of the collection of four, I started with Peony Flower and Black Orchid.

Let’s start with Black Orchid Private Reserve Eau De Toilette.

Now, you can linger in one of Spongelle’s most beloved fragrances with Spongellé’s Eau de Toilette in Black Orchid. Capturing the scent of refreshing bergamot and luscious mandarin, Black Orchid is spicy and sensual with notes of musk and exotic florals. Layer all over after showering with your favorite Body Wash Infused Buffer, or wear it on its own to dress up any occasion—including casual evenings at home.

Smells Like – A tranquil setting adorned in captivating orchids

Feels Like – A special evening is about to begin

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: Bergamot, Juicy Mandarin, Orchid Petals
  • Middle: Jasmine, Black Gardenia, Lotus Flower
  • Base: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla

Next up, Peony Flower!

Spongellé’s Eau de Toilette in Peony Flower instantly captivated my heart and senses! Capturing the scent of fragrant rose stems and luscious apples, Peony Flower is spicy and sensual with notes of musk and exotic florals. Layer all over after showering with your favorite Body Wash Infused Buffer. Or wear it on its own to dress up any occasion—including slipping into a cashmere robe.

Smells Like –  A fresh bouquet of peonies in full bloom

Feels Like  – A new, unexpected romance

Fragrance Notes

  • Top: Rose Stems, Petitgrain, Red Apple
  • Middle: Damascone Rose, Waterlily, Papaya Flower
  • Base: Cashmeran, Clean Musk

More so, I can’t wait to try the other delicious scents from Spongellé’s Private Reserve Petite Eau de Toilette collection. I know they will raise my spirit and leave a sensual reminder wherever I go. These gift ideas for anyone will most certainly brighten anyone’s day.

4 – VUDECO Glow in The Dark Blanket – Gift Ideas For Anyone Who Loves Cozy

When I saw these adorable unique VUDECO Glow in The Dark Blankets, I knew my granddaughter would love them. So, of course, I chose all three colors because she loves unicorns and anything that glows. Above all, they feature a soft, safe, premium quality fabric perfect for girls and boys. Durable and long-lasting, they make these gift ideas a joy for anyone on your list!

More importantly, these unique glow-in-the-dark blankets can act as your kid’s night guardian to keep them feeling safe and cozy. And these blankets & throws feature luminous unicorns & star patterns for them to love. Kids of any age will adore them and keep them for years.

Additionally, you’ll find them easy to recharge and clean. All you do is machine wash and dry the blankets as often as you see fit. But, of course, they won’t shed, pill, or fade quickly. Affordable and adorable, even an adult will appreciate snuggling up with one.

Of course, you can order them on Amazon or over on their website. Be sure and order them for the holidays too. Think about what a perfect and cozy gift they make for anyone on your list.

5 – Bloom: The Secrets Of Growing Flowering Houseplants Year-Round

Let’s face it. Not many people we know don’t love growing beautiful flowering plants in our homes. And that’s why Bloom: The Secrets Of Growing Flowering Houseplants Year-Round is a must-have gift. I love adding the beauty of these flowering plants and blooms to every room in my home.

Clearly, anyone on your gift list would love receiving a copy and discovering fail-proof ways to keep their plants lush and green all year round. In Bloom, The Houseplant Guru Lisa Eldred Steinkopf unleashes all the secrets to growing dozens of indoor plants that produce colorful, intricate, and sometimes fragrant blooms.

Key Strategies

Furthermore, Lisa reveals the insider strategies you need to encourage these plants to strut their stuff. In her signature warm and beginner-friendly tone, she introduces simple techniques you can use to encourage Bloom alongside all the ins and outs of caring for these beautiful plants. Lush, full-color photography accompanies each in-depth plant profile.

Moreover, upping your houseplant game doesn’t involve spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the next trendy leafy-green foliage plant. If you want to expand both your growing skills and the number of specimens in your houseplant family, dive into the world of flowering houseplants instead.

New cultivars of old favorites are taking the houseplant world by storm, and other, more unusual, species are now making their way into the limelight, thanks to the interest of millions of new houseplant parents around the world.